Marfond is a buddhist retreat center, located in the south-west of France (the Dordogne). It was donated to Gendün Rinpoche in 1996. He gave it the name Dhagpo Dedrol Ling (The Place of Ease Resulting from Inner Freedom) and wished it to be a non-monastic center for long term retreats. For this purpose he asked his disciples Lama Henrik and Lama Walli to take care of the center.  Since the very beginning the lineage Lamas visit the place regularly giving empowerments and guidelines.



Under the guidance of several resident teachers a community of lay practitioners participates in the activity of the center and engages in the study and practice of the Dharma, Buddha’s teachings.

In this place people who already have a well-founded buddhist background can deepen their understanding of the Dharma. Like this the place fulfills its aim to preserve the precious teachings of the Karma Kagyu Lineage, which is one of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Gendün Rinpoche often explained that it is great merit to develop a retreat place. All those who support the center participate in this merit.