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“Marfond heats to 108° Celsius!”

Dear Friends,

We are now preparing to install a new heating system. The new system would replace our current one which heats the main residential building, including the small temple and Lama Henrik´s residence and provides a hot water supply for the kitchen and bathroom facilities. The new system would go on to enable central heating in the main temple and hermitage, providing better practice conditions for both guests and residents. Both the temple and hermitage are currently being heated by less efficient electric heaters which consume a considerable amount of electricity for the heat they produce. The proposed wood gasification system (including the use of enviromentally friendly solar panels) will substantially save on electricity as well as significantly lowering the amount of pollution produced by our present system, despite the increase in our heating capacity. Our new water tank would store up to 2000litres of hot water at a time.

Generous donators have already given us a large part of the total cost of 13,000€. Combined with our own contribution we only need another 4,320€.

On this page you can see we have our thermometer. When it reaches 108° we will have reached our target and the heating system will be fully financed. We would like to offer you the chance to raise the temperature in Marfond to 108° by sponsoring a degree with a donation of 40€, or as many degrees as you like! You can see how the fundraising is going anytime by checking the temperature on our thermometer. Here are the relevant details for making donations:

For bank transfers send the money to our account under the name: KDC Marfond

at the bank branch: Crédit agricole de Monitignac.

IBAN: FR76 1240 6000 0900 3331 1250 226


Please state the reason for transfer as: “Heating donation”.

If you would like to receive a fiscal reciept, please let us know your full name and address along with your donation.

Many thanks for all your donation

For Germans:
Spenden aus Deutschland könnt Ihr an folgende Stiftung überweisen:

Karmapa Stiftung
Sparkasse Allgäu
BLZ 733 500 00
Kto: 92288
Verwendungszweck: “Heizungsanlage Marfond”

Für eine Spendenbescheinigung schickt bitte eine E-mail an:

8. Karmapa Retreat course

In the beginning of November we had a nine day group retreat with all the residents and some old practitioner friends who support us in our work.

The retreat schedule covered four sessions of Guru-Yoga and included teachings and transmission of the practice. The Droublas Stephane and Marlene went through explanations of the commentary as well as further relevant notes; while Lama Henrik gave the tibetan reading transmission (lung) and answered questions from the participants concerning their practice. We concluded the retreat with a wishing prayer in front of the Stupa.

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Khenpo Ngedön

Khenpo Ngedön who resides in Spain came to Dhagpo Kagyü Ling from the 24th-30th of October to teach the “Gateway to Knowlegde” in accordance with the wish of Gyalwa Karmapa and Shamar Rinpoche. This text was composed by the 1st Mipham Rinpoche and condenses the Abhidharma teachings.

As most of our community members attended the teachings Khenpo accepted an invitation for dinner at Dedrol Ling, before which we first practiced the daily Mahakala Puja together with him.

Then we shared a meal in an informal and cheerful atmosphere and we could see that Khenpo is not only a learned scolar, but also has a great sense of humour and is very humble too.

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Visit of Sabchu Rinpoche

The spontaneous visit of Sabchu Rinpoche took place in a very fresh and open atmosphere. Even though young in age (born in 1983), he could brilliantly answer all our questions, either with precision and detail or from the point of  higher wisdom. Also his capacity to explain statements from classical buddhist scriptures in the light of modern science was remarkable. Furthermore he gave general advice for the people living here at this retreat place.
In a very easy going manner he shared lunch with us together before he concluded his visit by blessing all the buildings in the center.

We hope very much to be able to accomodate him in the future for another visit in order to strengthen our link with him.


Gyalwa Karmapa visits Dedrol Ling

On the 9th of August – under an unceasing shower of rain- we recieved the Gyalwa Karmapa, who first spent an extensive time in the Drubkhang with our ten 3- year- retreatants. They had an extensive exchange of questions and answers where Karmapa responded each time from his very vast wisdom and compassion. The practitioners were deeply touched by the profound simplicity of his answers and his capacity to point out the very essence of each issue with a few words.

Despite the ongoing heavy rain he did not hesitate to visit the new house, which was offered to him on this occasion. We all gathered there in the living room where he thanked us for our enthusastic effort and gave advice for the further development of the place and the community. At the end we recieved the short text transmission (lung) for the prayer of the Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones, which were composed by the first Mipham Rinpoche and are recited each morning before we start with the work. Before he left he also blessed the new retreat house of our droublas Stephane and Marlene.
Feeling very strengthened in our motivation to keep practising and building a community we thank the Gyalwa Karmapa very much!

P.S. On the same occasion we were happy to welcome Dorith and Pedro from the retreat center in Karma Guen, Spain for the first time in our center. After the visit of Gyalwa Karmapa they shared some stories and pictures of the early years of the Karmapa with us, which was very inspiring to listen to.


Visit of Mipham Rinpoche

We felt fortunate, that Mipham Rinpoche kept his word by coming to Dedrol Ling every year, which happened to be at the beginning of August this time. First of all he visited and blessed the new Karmapa House and was very pleased.

Afterwards we gathered in our meditation hall where we requested the five lay vows (Genyen vows) from him, which are; not killing, stealing, telling lies, only having one partner at a time and no intoxication. Before actually giving the vows, he gave detailed explanations on relying on the power of taking refuge as being the stable foundation for these vows. Rinpoche explained, that the first four vows are a skillful means to protect the one who takes them from harming others out of a selfish motivation, while the fifth one should prevent one from forgeting about them and breaking them. In a joyful atmosphere he gave these vows together with the refuge vow.

Beru Khyentse and Jamgön Kongtrul

During their visit in Dhagpo Kagyu Ling from the 12th -16th of June Beru Khyentse Rinpoche and his son, the young Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche, came to visit Dedrol Ling. They went into the Drubkhang where they took their time to answer the retreatants`questions. Afterwards they visited the main temple to have a look at our new White Tara statue.


Retreat course with Lama Walli

From the 27th of April to the 2nd of May Lama Walli gave explanations on the Ngedön Gyamtso (Mahamudra – The Ocean of True Meaning) from the 9th Karmapa Wangchug Dorje – one of the most profound and detailled meditation manuals in our tradition. A group of about 25 people attended the course most of them close students who are practicing in retreat under the guidance of Lama Walli and Lama Henrik. In between the teaching sessions guided meditations on Shine and Lhaktong were done and we profited greatly from the course.


…of the Karmapa House

News July 09 In the meantime the wood paneling for the outside of the walls was completed and the ramp for wheel-chair access was built. Inside, the doors were installed and the parquet floor was done. One team is currently working in the bathroom doing the tiling and the roof needs to be insulated.

News April 09 At the beginning of April we started with the work on the Karmapa House again. Thanks to the professional experience of some friends from Germany we were able to quickly build up all the inside walls, pass the electricity in and do the insulation. Another team is busy painting and putting up the wood panelling outside.

Up until now the works progress very well in a good working atmosphere, so all of you who already know the place and would like to help it would be greatly appreciated if you come in the course of this year.

Thanks to the generous financial support we have received we are able to continue with the next steps, but in order to fully cover all the expenses we will still need some support. Any donation in accordance with your possibilities is very welcome – Thanks!

News Dec.08 Before winter came we were able to make the house weatherproof. We completed all the main outside work like the roof, windows/doors and the terrasse, except for the wood panneling .

During winter we will make a break for practising, before we’ll pick up the work on the house in springtime. We will then mainly do work inside. Many helping hands are needed, so we invite all of our friends who already have a connection with us, to come and help us in spring/summer 2009 (from april onwards).


Losar – Tibetan New Year

For the occasion of the Tibetan new year (25.02) elaborate practices were performed, both before and after the actual day. From the 17th-23rd of February Middle-Length Mahakala was done everyday and on the 24th a smoke offering ritual (Sang puja) was performed. All the afore mentioned practices were a means to purify the past year. We started the first day of the new year with Middle-Length Mahakala which started before sunrise. Then on the 28th another Sang puja was done and new prayer flags were hung throughout the centre. All of these practices took place both in the center as well as in the Drupkang (3 year retreat center).
We wish all of you an auspiscious new year, may all your wishes toward the benefit of beings be fulfilled. (more…)