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Amitabha Tsok with Gendün Rinchen Rinpoche

In the month of August, we were overjoyed to welcome Gendün Rinchen Rinpoche in Dedröl Ling.

Rinpoche is the incarnation of Gendün Rinpoche, the founder of our centre. He was born in France in 1999 and is currently pursuing his studies in England.

Together with Rinpoche and Lamas from the Dhagpo Mandalas of Kundreul Ling and Kagyü Ling we performed an Amitabha Tsok Puja to which many people from around gathered to enjoy this precious moment. Afterwards we concluded the evening with prayers at the Stupa and sharing the Tsok together in our courtyard until the break of the night.

A few days later Rinpoche came once again to visit and consecrate the different living places of the residents and then invited everyone to join for tea and cake (gôuter). Afterwards he took time to give advice in private interviews for anyone who had asked for it.

We all felt very touched by his presence and his wishes and prayers and we are looking very much forward to seeing him soon again.



14th Shamarpa Guru Yoga explanations by Jigme Rinpoche

Shortly after the visit of Nendo Rinpoche we were honoured by the coming of Lama Jigme Rinpoche to Marfond. He kindly accepted our invitation to give the transmission of the 14th Kunzig Shamarpa Guru Yoga. Since Rinpoche was the brother of the late Shamar Rinpoche and is still supporting and maintaining his activities, we could not have wished for a better teacher to connect us to the enlightened activity of the Shamarpa lineage.

We also used this auspicious event to welcome the residents of Dhagpo Kagyü Ling who participated in the teachings and reading transmission as well as in the practice.

Afterwards we enjoyed a “gôuter” (afternoon snack) with Rinpoche and everybody else in a joyful atmosphere.

Soon after Rinpoche and our guests had left we saw a marvellous double rainbow arching over the centre. Please enjoy the photos below.

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2018 Visit of Nendo Rinpoche

We were fortunate to receive Nendo Rinpoche in Dedröl Ling at the end of August.

Nendo Rinpoche was born in 1962 in India as the son of the great Nyingma master Dzogchen Rinpoche. When the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Rigpai Dorje recognized him as the 6th incarnation of the supreme lineage Nendo Kulha, he moved to live in Rumtek in Sikkim to receive transmissions from His Holiness who became his root Guru. After many years of study and retreat practice he was appointed as Vajra master (Dorje Lopön) of Rumtek by the age of 25.

Currently Rinpoche is travelling to many Kagyü centres around the world at the request of HH 17th Gyalwa Karmapa and Jigme Rinpoche.

Nendo Rinpoche already had been once at Dedröl Ling in 2004 accompanying His Holiness 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. By that time, he was served lunch in our old work shop which has meanwhile been transformed into our new meditation temple. Rinpoche was therefore delighted to see the development of the centre since then.

Lead by his Umdze (chanting master) we practiced the Mahakala Puja all together. Afterwards Rinpoche bestowed the Lungs (reading transmission) of the 8th Karmapa “tün shi lamai naljor”.

Then he blessed the different sites of the centre before we enjoyed a common dinner with him.
Rinpoche was apparently delighted to be here and expressed his wish to come for a short retreat during his next tour in Europe. We are very much looking forward to welcome Rinpoche again and to receive more transmissions from him.


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New teachers

In March 2018 three practitioners of our community have been appointed by the Lama council to act as teachers in our Dhagpo Mandala. Please click on our teachers page.

statue of Gendün Rinpoche

Since a long time we have had the wish to have a statue of Gendün Rinpoche in our meditation hall and at the beginning of this year all the necessary conditions came together to commence with such a project.

We were inspired by the skills of the French artist Bénedicte when she presented her works on a statue of the late Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche which she has just realized. Being a disciple of Shamar Rinpoche as well as Jigme Rinpoche we had the confidence that she would be the right person to realize this project.

photo of Shamar Rinpoche statue

She has developed a clay model which serves as a model for the final statue. During the last months it has been refined repeatedly by the thoughtful eyes of Gendün Rinchen, the Tulku of Gendün Rinpoche, Jigme Rinpoche and the whole community of Dhagpo Dedröl Ling. Such a statue can become the support for inspiration and blessings in the future for many people therefore it is worthwhile to take great care of all the different steps of its creation.

In the first step the model of the head of the statue has been realized and now the rest of the body is in process.


Photo of clay model

Anyone who wishes to help us realizing this project is warmly welcome, since we do not yet have the financial budget for it. As it will be the first statue of this kind we will also have to cover the costs for the whole production process. If later other centers wish to acquire such a statue it will be less expensive for them.

Tibetan New Year Ceremonies

According to the tradition we did ten days of Mahakala and Sang Pujas before the start of the new earth dog year on the 16th of February.
We wish all of you a harmonious and healthy year!

Our projects in 2018

At the beginning of March we concluded our annual autumn/winter retreat and from then on until August we engaged in realizing several projects:

During this time the Stupa was completely renovated and the top rings and crown have been gilded so it is very shiny and pleasant to look at.

This year the house which burnt down a year ago has been rebuilt and soon it can be inhabited again.

Furthermore all our measurements to improve the safety for the center have been completed, notably all the exterior staircases were renewed and the general illumination for the whole center have been increased.

Another project to which we would like to draw your attention on is the creation of a statue of Gendün Rinpoche. Please follow the Link, if you are interested.

Last but not least our center car was replaced. If you wish to contribute your help to any of these projects, please click on our support page.

Starting from August the community will engage again in a retreat period until Losar, the Tibetan new year.