Events from October ´18 to March ´19

Like in the previous year we dedicated the whole month of November for an Amitabha retreat, starting with a two-week long Drubchö which was followed by another two weeks of individual Amitabha practice.  This was felt to be a precious time that we spent together and we hope to be able to repeat it in the future.

This was then followed by the annual resident retreat were we received transmissions by Lama Walli until we started with the ten days Mahakala and Sang Pujas for Tibetan New Year.

To our greatest joy we received a visit of Gendün Rinchen Rinpoche at the beginning of January. He visited the people in the Drubkhang before doing an Amitabha Tsok Puja with all of us in our big temple. We finished the evening together having a dinner in a joyful and warm atmosphere. We are very happy to see that Rinpoche is taking great interest in the activities and development of the centre.