About 2011

The whole center participated in a three month retreat guided by Lama Henrik from August to November 2010. Afterwards, the group dedicated some weeks for buddhist studies, before starting a new cycle of a one year retreat in March 2011.

Inspired from the good experience  from the last retreat as well as the fact that no bigger building projects are planned for this year, all people living in Marfond will start a new cycle of retreat. Among them, 10 people will practice in the Drubkang, four sessions per day, whilst the rest of the practioners in the center will reserve one session in the afternoon for center work, if necessary. If you like to support our retreat financially, we would be very grateful: The Drubkang still needs about 200€ per month to cover expenses such as gaz, electricity etc. If you are able to help us, even with a small amount, please consult our support page.