About 2013

Since the tibetan new year (February 2013) the centre was engaged in various activities. We started by adding two more solar panels on our roof and by renovating various rooms in the centre and the two centre kitchens. We have also finished the renovation of our small temple with new windows being installed, painting the walls, new carpets, etc.

We should also mention that the work on the third retreat house has greatly advanced (for further details and pictures, click here).

But the main focus had been on the house of H.H. 17. Gyalwa Karmapa. He was supposed to stay in his house in Marfond for three weeks. However, he had to cancel his visit at the last minute, due to his father’s state of health. But nevertheless, this was the opportunity for us to completely finish furnishing his rooms and all the countless missing details, which you only notice when such an honoured guest’s visit is announced. As for now we are really looking forward to his visit, maybe next year, as we are so well prepared.

For the second half of the year, until Losar (March 2014), we will be engaged in different retreat periods: From the 1st of September until the 31st of October 2013 Lama Henrik guides a retreat in Marfond. And from December until the end of February Lama Walli will continue the Lodjong retreat with us.

Ten days of Mahakala practice and two Sang Pujas for Losar 2014 will conclude these months of retreat.

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