Our projects in 2018

At the beginning of March we concluded our annual autumn/winter retreat and from then on until August we engaged in realizing several projects:

During this time the Stupa was completely renovated and the top rings and crown have been gilded so it is very shiny and pleasant to look at.

This year the house which burnt down a year ago has been rebuilt and soon it can be inhabited again.

Furthermore all our measurements to improve the safety for the center have been completed, notably all the exterior staircases were renewed and the general illumination for the whole center have been increased.

Another project to which we would like to draw your attention on is the creation of a statue of Gendün Rinpoche. Please follow the Link, if you are interested.

Last but not least our center car was replaced. If you wish to contribute your help to any of these projects, please click on our support page.

Starting from August the community will engage again in a retreat period until Losar, the Tibetan new year.