Amitabha Tsok with Gendün Rinchen

In the month of August, we were overjoyed to welcome Gendün Rinchen in Dedröl Ling.

Gendün Rinchen is the incarnation of Gendün Rinpoche, the founder of our centre. He was born in France in 1999 and is currently pursuing his studies in England.

Together with him and Lamas from the Dhagpo Mandalas of Kundreul Ling and Kagyü Ling we performed an Amitabha Tsok Puja to which many people from around gathered to enjoy this precious moment. Afterwards we concluded the evening with prayers at the Stupa and sharing the Tsok together in our courtyard until the break of the night.

A few days later Gendün Rinchen came once again to visit and consecrate the different living places of the residents and then invited everyone to join for tea and cake (gôuter). Afterwards he took time to give advice in private interviews for anyone who had asked for it.

We all felt very touched by his presence and his wishes and prayers and we are looking very much forward to seeing him soon again.