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About 2019

In our activity period which lasted from March to August we completed numerous tasks to maintain the centre in a proper way so that it can be well used by everybody.

We also have received the statues of the 14th Künzig Shamarpa and Gendün Rinpoche for our shrine room which were blessed by Jigme Rinpoche and Gendün Rinchen Rinpoche.

Also in August Drupön Nyigyam gave the transmission of the 8th Karmapa (tü which was in the frame of a five day group retreat.

From September onwards we are again practicing in retreat until March 2020.

2018 Visit of Nendo Rinpoche

We were fortunate to receive Nendo Rinpoche in Dedröl Ling at the end of August.

Nendo Rinpoche was born in 1962 in India as the son of the great Nyingma master Dzogchen Rinpoche. When the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Rigpai Dorje recognized him as the 6th incarnation of the supreme lineage Nendo Kulha, he moved to live in Rumtek in Sikkim to receive transmissions from His Holiness who became his root Guru. After many years of study and retreat practice he was appointed as Vajra master (Dorje Lopön) of Rumtek by the age of 25.

Currently Rinpoche is travelling to many Kagyü centres around the world at the request of HH 17th Gyalwa Karmapa and Jigme Rinpoche.

Nendo Rinpoche already had been once at Dedröl Ling in 2004 accompanying His Holiness 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. By that time, he was served lunch in our old work shop which has meanwhile been transformed into our new meditation temple. Rinpoche was therefore delighted to see the development of the centre since then.

Lead by his Umdze (chanting master) we practiced the Mahakala Puja all together. Afterwards Rinpoche bestowed the Lungs (reading transmission) of the 8th Karmapa “tün shi lamai naljor”.

Then he blessed the different sites of the centre before we enjoyed a common dinner with him.
Rinpoche was apparently delighted to be here and expressed his wish to come for a short retreat during his next tour in Europe. We are very much looking forward to welcome Rinpoche again and to receive more transmissions from him.


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New teachers

In March 2018 three practitioners of our community have been appointed by the Lama council to act as teachers in our Dhagpo Mandala. Please click on our teachers page.

Tibetan New Year Ceremonies

According to the tradition we did ten days of Mahakala and Sang Pujas before the start of the new earth dog year on the 16th of February.
We wish all of you a harmonious and healthy year!

Our projects in 2018

At the beginning of March we concluded our annual autumn/winter retreat and from then on until August we engaged in realizing several projects:

During this time the Stupa was completely renovated and the top rings and crown have been gilded so it is very shiny and pleasant to look at.

This year the house which burnt down a year ago has been rebuilt and soon it can be inhabited again.

Furthermore all our measurements to improve the safety for the center have been completed, notably all the exterior staircases were renewed and the general illumination for the whole center have been increased.

Another project to which we would like to draw your attention on is the creation of a statue of Gendün Rinpoche. Please follow the Link, if you are interested.

Last but not least our center car was replaced. If you wish to contribute your help to any of these projects, please click on our support page.

Starting from August the community will engage again in a retreat period until Losar, the Tibetan new year.

Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche and Amitabha retreat

On the 5th November 2017 we were honored by the visit of the 4th Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche. He blessed the centre and gave the reading transmission (lung) for the long Amitabha practice which marked for us the beginning of a one-month Amitabha retreat.

During the first two weeks of this retreat we were practicing the four sessions all together in our big meditation hall. Like this everybody got well acquainted with the whole ritual learning the visualizations, melodies, instruments and so on. During the second part each practitioner could deepen what he has learned by practicing three sessions in his own room and meeting once a day in the Temple.
The atmosphere was very joyous and harmonious during the time, please have a look at the pictures below.

2017 Drupön Nygyam

We were very happy that Drupön Nygyam visited Marfond once again during the month of August. During his stay we did the Mahakala Puja with him and he gave some key instructions concerning practice. Before his departure he blessed everyone individually.

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Drupön Nygyam Rinpoche visits Marfond

Drupön Nygyam Rinpoche who is guiding the three year retreats in Parping, Nepal came to Dhagpo Kagyü Ling for the first time to hold a Powa course.

We all participated in this week-long event and on the last day he accepted our spontaneous invitation to visit Marfond.

There he blessed the newly renovated Stupa and gave teachings in the big temple as well as in the Drubkang.
Since Rinpoche himself spent many years in retreat he could relate to our questions in a simple but deep way.

Rinpoche left a lasting impression on us and we hope very much to see him again in the near future.

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2016 Visit of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche

On the 5th of September we were honored by the visit of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, who gave on this occasion various reading transmissions (lung), teachings as well as numerous interviews also for people coming from far away.

Also on that day he received the auspicious visit of Tulku Pema Wanggyal Rinpoche and his brother Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche from the nearby Nyingma Dharma center.

Later on Beru Khyentse Rinpoche went to see the practitioners in the Drubkang where he gave advices and practiced together with them.

There was an unceasing stream of visitors and Rinpoche took time for all of them until the night fall.

On the following morning we had to say farewell as Rinpoche was leaving for Paris and other countries, but his blessings remained. 

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about 2016, updated

The time from March to August was dedicated for various working projects, notably the renovation and painting of the Stupa as well as the clearing of the woods. Also we were honored by the visits of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche and Drupön Nygyam Rinpoche.

At the 06th September a new retreat cycle for the whole centre has started and will last until 1st March 2017.
The group of practitioners who are already in the Drubkang will continue the yidam practice until November 2016 and will then join the community retreat.

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