Stupa with relics of Gendün Rinpoche

July 2, 2021

During a visit of Gendün Rinchen last winter he revealed to us his wish to build a stupa with relics of Gendün Rinpoche here in Dedröl Ling, Marfond. He said: […]

Latest news about 2020 and 2021

February 18, 2021

Even though we didn’t have too much to report in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, where most of us were rather focusing on practice, we still had some nice […]

Amitabha retreat month

January 15, 2020

During November 2019 a group of residents and retreat guests came together to practice the Amitabha Sadhana, guided by Lama Chris and Drubla Michi. We had consecutive two week retreat […]

Visit of His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Trinley Thaye Dorje

October 22, 2019

On September 23, 2019, we rounded off this year’s phase of activity, teachings and practice with a fantastic highlight, as Dhagpo Dedrol Ling received a visit from His Holiness the […]

Jigme Rinpoche and Gendün Rinchen in Marfond

August 29, 2019

August 28th was an auspicious day for us as Jigme Rinpoche and Gendün Rinchen visited the centre together. This was a special event as both played a pivotal role in […]

Transmission of the 8th Karmapa Practice by Drupön Nyigyam Rinpoche

August 26, 2019

Drupön Nyigyam, who is the retreat master in the Shaminub monastery of Shamar Rinpoche in Nepal, came to Dedröl Ling between 19th-22nd of August and gave the explanation and reading […]

Statues of Gendün Rinpoche and Künzig Shamar Rinpoche

August 24, 2019

 Statues de Gendün Rinpoché et Künzig Shamar RinpochéSince a long time we had the wish to have a statue of Gendün Rinpoche in our meditation hall. Now, after 1½ years […]

Events from October ´18 to March ´19

April 5, 2019

Like in 2017 we dedicated the whole month of November to an Amitabha retreat. We started with a two-week long Drubchö and continued with two further weeks of individual Amitabha […]

Amitabha Tsok with Gendün Rinchen

August 31, 2018

In the month of August, we were overjoyed to welcome Gendün Rinchen in Dedröl Ling. Gendün Rinchen is the incarnation of Gendün Rinpoche, the founder of our centre. He was […]

14th Shamarpa Guru Yoga explanations by Jigme Rinpoche

Shortly after the visit of Nendo Rinpoche we were honoured by the coming of Lama Jigme Rinpoche to Marfond. He kindly accepted our invitation to give the transmission of the […]

Impressions (gallery)

April 27, 2011

Impressions from the place and the people