Coming out of the 3-year retreat

A group of ten practitioners concluded their 3-year retreat on Thursday 27th of May, the auspicious day of Buddha’s enlightenment. Before they left the retreat boundaries (the Drubkang) a sang puja was performed and the protection circle was dissolved. After that they all went to the Stupa where a mandala offering was held. Together with all the family members and friends who had come on this occasion, as well as the other residents of the place, we then all recited the Mahamudra wishing prayer by the 3rd Karmapa in English in our temple.  Next the retreatants wanted to see the newly built house for Karmapa, where they also recited another prayer, before they could finally unite with their families and friends. In a relaxed and joyous atmosphere everybody enjoyed the huge buffet which was arranged in the center as well as in the Drubkang.

In the afternoon the temple, where we all did the Milarepa Tsok Puja, was filled up to the last place. After the Mahakala Puja in the evening little groups of people were spread throughout the place talking and sharing time together.

The next day we were very happy to welcome Jigme Rinpoche in our center. After he had a look at the latest development of the place, he took time to answer the questions of the retreatants in the main temple. Later he gave the reading transmission (lung) for the White Tara practice to everybody, which we had already requested from him.

The 10 retreatants will now go  for a few weeks to visit their family homes, before they will continue with another 3 month retreat on shine (mental calm) and lhagtong (deeper insight) in autumn, followed by a period of Buddhist studies. In February 2011 they plan to continue with another year of retreat, where they wish to further deepen the practices which they have learnt so far.