“Marfond heats to 108° Celsius!”

Dear Friends,

We are now preparing to install a new heating system. The new system would replace our current one which heats the main residential building, including the small temple and Lama Henrik´s residence and provides a hot water supply for the kitchen and bathroom facilities. The new system would go on to enable central heating in the main temple and hermitage, providing better practice conditions for both guests and residents. Both the temple and hermitage are currently being heated by less efficient electric heaters which consume a considerable amount of electricity for the heat they produce. The proposed wood gasification system (including the use of enviromentally friendly solar panels) will substantially save on electricity as well as significantly lowering the amount of pollution produced by our present system, despite the increase in our heating capacity. Our new water tank would store up to 2000litres of hot water at a time.

Generous donators have already given us a large part of the total cost of 13,000€. Combined with our own contribution we only need another 4,320€.

On this page you can see we have our thermometer. When it reaches 108° we will have reached our target and the heating system will be fully financed. We would like to offer you the chance to raise the temperature in Marfond to 108° by sponsoring a degree with a donation of 40€, or as many degrees as you like! You can see how the fundraising is going anytime by checking the temperature on our thermometer. Here are the relevant details for making donations:

For bank transfers send the money to our account under the name: KDC Marfond

at the bank branch: Crédit agricole de Monitignac.

IBAN: FR76 1240 6000 0900 3331 1250 226


Please state the reason for transfer as: “Heating donation”.

If you would like to receive a fiscal reciept, please let us know your full name and address along with your donation.

Many thanks for all your donation

For Germans:
Spenden aus Deutschland könnt Ihr an folgende Stiftung überweisen:

Karmapa Stiftung
Sparkasse Allgäu
BLZ 733 500 00
Kto: 92288
Verwendungszweck: “Heizungsanlage Marfond”

Für eine Spendenbescheinigung schickt bitte eine E-mail an:
Karmapastiftung-Hinterschwarzenberg@gmx.deChers amis,