Jigme Rinpoche and Gendün Rinchen in Marfond

August 28th was an auspicious day for us as Jigme Rinpoche and Gendün Rinchen visited the centre together. This was a special event as both played a pivotal role in founding Dhagpo Dedröl Ling. The place was given to Gendün Rinchen’s previous incarnation, who gave the centre its name and purpose. After that it was Jigme Rinpoche who signed the founding documents and who had oversight over our development since the very beginning.

Upon arrival, Jigme Rinpoche led a rabne ritual to consecrate the two new statues which we had recently received. Afterwards he gave an impromptu teaching containing invaluable advice for practitioners. Then Rinpoche blessed the new retreat house and visited the Drubkhang together with Gendün Rinchen.

This wonderful afternoon was concluded with refreshments in our courtyard where we had the precious opportunity for long exchanges with both Lamas. The pictures below capture the joyous atmosphere nicely.