Losar – Tibetan New Year

Before Losar, the tibetan New Year, we practiced the Middle-length Mahakala Puja for several days both in the center and in the Drubkhang. This is done in order to remove all the different obstacles which could be left from the last year. On the day before Losar, a Sang Ritual was made to make offerings to the Buddhas, the Protectors and all other beings with the intention to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. On the 14th February, the actual Losar-day, we started again with a Middle-length Mahakala Puja early in the morning. We spent these days in a very inspiring atmosphere with our close Dharma friends from around, making tormas, preparing the Tsok-offerings and making the pujas. On the fourth day of the new year we hung new prayer-flags in the center and in the Drubkhang where a second Sang-Puja was performed on this day.

We wish you happiness and prosperity for the Tiger-Metal year and that all your wishes may be fulfilled