New Heating system

After the generous contribution of many dharma friends who had followed our call for donations last winter, we could now install our new heating system. The new system has replaced our old one. The new system will not only heat the main residential building, including the small temple and Lama Henrik´s residence, but also go on to enable central heating in the main temple and hermitage, providing better practice conditions for both guests and residents. Both the temple and hermitage were being heated by less efficient electric heaters which consumed a considerable amount of electricity. In this way our new wood gasification system (including the use of enviromentally friendly solar panels) will substantially save on electricity as well as significantly lowering the amount of pollution produced by our present system, despite the increase in our heating capacity. Our new water tank would store up to 2000 litres of hot water at a time (for the kitchen and bathroom facilities).

On this occasion we really want to thank all you who made it possible for us to realise this project.