…of the Karmapa House

News July 09 In the meantime the wood paneling for the outside of the walls was completed and the ramp for wheel-chair access was built. Inside, the doors were installed and the parquet floor was done. One team is currently working in the bathroom doing the tiling and the roof needs to be insulated.

News April 09 At the beginning of April we started with the work on the Karmapa House again. Thanks to the professional experience of some friends from Germany we were able to quickly build up all the inside walls, pass the electricity in and do the insulation. Another team is busy painting and putting up the wood panelling outside.

Up until now the works progress very well in a good working atmosphere, so all of you who already know the place and would like to help it would be greatly appreciated if you come in the course of this year.

Thanks to the generous financial support we have received we are able to continue with the next steps, but in order to fully cover all the expenses we will still need some support. Any donation in accordance with your possibilities is very welcome – Thanks!

News Dec.08 Before winter came we were able to make the house weatherproof. We completed all the main outside work like the roof, windows/doors and the terrasse, except for the wood panneling .

During winter we will make a break for practising, before we’ll pick up the work on the house in springtime. We will then mainly do work inside. Many helping hands are needed, so we invite all of our friends who already have a connection with us, to come and help us in spring/summer 2009 (from april onwards).