Retreat Year 2011

2011 was a year mainly dedicated to practice. From Losar to Losar (March 2011-February 2012), we had a year of practice in Marfond. On the one hand, we had a group of people in the drupkang who had completed a 3yr retreat in 2010 and who continued with another year. All the other practitioners living in Marfond reduced activities to what was really necessary for the running of the centre, to ensure that they could practice most of the day.

During the three months of August-October, the drubkhang and the centre were together in strict retreat under the guidance of Lama Henrik. For the rest of the time we were under Lama Walli’s guidance. Especially during the Winter months (December-January) she specifically took care of her long-term students, so that we could deepen our practice and grow further together as a group.

We concluded the year by the coming together of both groups for the Mahakala days preceding Losar, and a 10-day study course with Khenpo Choechok.