Stupa with relics of Gendün Rinpoche

Mantra Rolls

During a visit of Gendün Rinchen last winter he revealed to us his wish to build a stupa with relics of Gendün Rinpoche here in Dedröl Ling, Marfond. He said:
„So, actually what I thought was now, in this time, and also for the future, what would be very helpful for the place will be to build a small reliquary Stupa with relics of Gendun Rinpoche.”

Of course, all of us here received this news with great joy and since spring we have been starting all the necessary preparations and work for this. After a suitable place was chosen with Jigme Rinpoche and Gendün Rinchen, all further steps could be started, such as performing Pujas at the place, designing the plans, earthworks, ordering the materials and much more. The construction works for the foundation and the basis where the Stupa will be placed on will start on 19th of July.

The completed stupa will contain Ringsel found in Rinpoche’s cremation fire, as well as bones, ashes, salt of his kudung and parts of his robe.

It will also contain

  • weapons at the very bottom;
  • 4 vases filled with precious substances in a chamber underneath the basis for the stupa;
  • inside the stupa is a soshing (life-tree); mantra rolls; a treasure box with jewellery and precious stones, covered by the mandala of Dzambala and Dzambali; semi-precious stones, flower-petals, incense and Thuja pine needles to fill all the space in between as well as two jars with excellent food;
  • in the bumpa at the top of the stupa all the relics mentioned above.

The stupa is expected to be inaugurated by Jigme Rinpoche on 29th of August, in the presence of Gendün Rinchen, the whole community of Marfond and friends closely connected to the place.

Until then, there is still a lot of work to be done, including the completion of over 800 mantra rolls. If you would like to get involved with this project in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our office.