We are constantly developing Dhagpo Dedrol Ling, with various projects in progress in order to create favourable conditions for people wishing to practice. All of these projects are financed by donations, for which we are very grateful.

If you wish to participate in any of the projects of this year, please specify your donation in the transfer reference, like for example:

There is also the possibility to help us by becoming a friend of Marfond (pdf) by participating with a certain amount on a regular basis.

In this case please specify the purpose of your donation as:

“Friends of Marfond”

Bank account:
KDC Marfond
Credit agricole de Montignac
IBAN: FR76 1240 6000 0900 3331 1250 226

You could also transfer the money via the Karmapa foundation (in Germany), in order to receive a German tax certificate:

Karmapa-Stiftung Schwarzenberg
c/o Susanna Haupt
Oberschwarzenberg 1
87466 Oy-Mittelberg
Tel.: 08366-988637
Purpose: e.g. “Friends of Marfond”
IBAN: DE78 7335 0000 0000 0922 88

For the tax certificate please send your address to: